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entenderPRO Webinar enmacc
entenderPRO automates voice broking and messenger trading. Developed to deliver speed and permanent control for professional traders. You will learn more about how professional energy traders use and benefit from entenderPro.
How and when does carbon get to 110?
How and when does carbon get to 110? Webinar enmacc
Lawson Steele, renowned Senior Utility Analyst at Berenberg is back with us for a second time as he joins Jens Hartmann, CEO of enmacc in our LIVE Digital Trader Summit.

Join us as we discuss if and how we expect carbon price to hit 110 €/t by year-end. As the carbon’s multi-year deficit is upon us, and with severe non-compliance penalties, there are not enough permits to go around.
Clearing Webinar
Clearing Webinar Webinar enmacc
Find out more about Straight-Through-Processing (STP) for clearing services. You now have the option to clear bilaterally negotiated trades and they will be registered automatically via STP with clearinghouses such as ECC.
Credit Settings User Interface Improvements
Credit Settings User Interface Improvements Webinar enmacc
Get to know our new improvements of enmacc’s credit settings user interface. Ask any questions that may arise.
engreen webinar
engreen webinar Webinar enmacc
In this 30-minute webinar, you will get a deeper insight into our state-of-the-art trading screen for GoOs followed by a Q&A session.
Games Session
Games Session Webinar enmacc
In this interactive demo session you will receive a personalized login to our demo platform. You can try out the latest functions of enmacc and ask any questions that may arise.