All of our webinars are free of charge and you can find the recordings here.

Games Session
Games Session Webinar enmacc
In this interactive demo session you will receive a personalized login to our demo platform. You can try out the latest functions of enmacc and ask any questions that may arise.
How to manage risk on enmacc
How to manage risk on enmacc Webinar enmacc
We are improving our Risk Credit Settings capability by aligning our process to better match your current credit risk management workflow and delivering the data in a more intuitive user interface.
In order to learn more about the enhancements we’ve delivered, we invite you to a 30-minutes webinar. You will have the possibility to explore the new interface and address any open questions.
Refresh webinar
Refresh webinar Webinar enmacc
You will get a brief overview of our platform and some helpful tips. Whether you are new to the platform, would like to see what is new on enmacc or simply would like to refresh your knowledge and receive valuable tips.